Coffea’s Texture Co. is an Italian brand.
The Coffea’s Textures Co. gives its name to the collection itself, identifying a well distinct trend.
The idea of the Coffea’s Textures Co. collection draws inspiration from natural flavors, ancestral cultures and crops. Coffee plants thus become a vector leading us to ancient places, where human souls can find their deepest well being.
The theme of its design - reproduced on Jacquard texture – gathers those images and messages that are printed on jute sacks used to transport coffee.
They become fragments that piece together bringing a world made of evocations to life.  The subject has been exclusively designed by
Pietro Piccini, who is collaborating with Andrea Flavi for many years. The sophisticated techniques used by the Jacquard manufacturer has made possible its realization with weaving procedures, make sure that the material is very original and not easy to imitate.