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Front View

Enamelled Brass Coffee Bean

Back View

Golden Brass Coffee Bean


(Texture Design by Pietro Piccini)


Weaving is the method used to reproduce the design; four different colors are used. 73% of the texture is made up of natural fibers, namely linen at the base (28%) and three cotton yarns (45%).
These three particular yarn dyes – medium brown, red and green - are light and rub-resistant.
The material was subjected to the “vitrifying” process in order to create original improvements - both aesthetic and useful - such as complete water repellency.
Trimmings are made up of vegetable tanned cowhide leather.
Coffea’s Texture Co. is not bound by any season; it is meant to be an accessory that accompanies women in their everyday life all year round.
The collection –and the materials used – are exclusively “Made In Italy” and will be developed in all the above said variations.